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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A lovely lady called Susan

Susan is an ex-colleague of my mate Sarah's from the UK. On a warning that we'd either love or hate each other I was told Susan would be getting in touch whilst in Tokyo. She did. And you know what? It's bloody difficult making arrangements with someone that doesn't have a mobile phone here! But we did and had a lovely lovely day. We started off at Barbacoa (a Brazilian grill restaurant) where we both ate far too much - well, it was an eat as much as you can buffet and dessert buffet. Susan took great delight in the ice cream fountain and all the toppings you could drown it in!

Then we wandered down Omotesando Dori to the Oriental Bazaar, where I was held responsible for Suse spending lots of money, and down to Harajuku. We were too late to go into Meiji Jingu shrine, but spent a while taking photos of the Cosplayers (photos will appear on here once I've uploaded them), amongst whom were three freakygirls with feathers stuck on their faces... Different from the Lolita and Goth Lolita's, I guess.

Had a wonder through Yoyogi Park, as it was starting to get dark. There was still enough light though to see the beautiful colours on the trees and the biggest dog I've seen in my life. It had probably consumed a dozen or so Chihuahua's for it's mid afternoon snack. There were also groups playing drums, practicing Caipoeira, skipping and lots of people just sitting around.

We headed on down through the park and somehow ended up in Shibuya (by 'somehow', I mean my sense of direction was trying to take us back towards Harajuku Station but went a 'bit' wrong) were Suse was totally enthralled in the crossing. This crossing has (I think) six bits of crossing area that all pass each other (it's the crossing they show in 'Lost in Translation') and where several hundred people cross every couple of minutes. It's quite amazing to watch; not so much fun to go through, often. And I remembered: the neon-ness had been something that had totally overwhelmed me when I first came to Tokyo. Just huge neon explosions of light and signs everywhere. I got used to it. I forgot everywhere wasn't like that.

On the hunt for an Izakaya, and on a general mooch around, we stumbled on The Christon Cafe. Now, I've been to the one in Shinjuku lots of times, but didn't realise there was also one in Shibuya. I now have a new favourite drink: mango sour. Soooo good! And after a lovely evening there it was time to come home.

Suse, great meeting you, enjoy the rest of your trip and stay in touch!


Anonymous Sarah said...

Cool! Am so glad you two hooked up and had a good time.

Wish I could have been there too!


1:58 am

Blogger Jo said...

Sarah: get your pennies together. there is SO much i want you to see here!

10:29 am


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