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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Been ill, again.

Maybe it was because I didn't take time off work to shake off the cold thingy a few weeks ago, but I've been poorly again. I thought it was food poisoning (diarrhoa, vomiting, dizzyness, fever, etc) but the pharmacist called it a cold.

Doesn't your nose have to run for it to be a cold? Anyway, it wasn't fun and I've spent the last couple of days in bed sleeping and watching too much Sex and the City (believe me, it IS possible to watch too much), trashy films and dogs painted pink skipping. I could feel my IQ slipping away by the second.


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

That'll be Sex and The City that's affected your IQ. Get well soon.

5:49 pm

Blogger Jo said...

And not the pink dogs?

Shit. Maybe I was hallucinating?

9:51 pm

Blogger Karen said...

The dogs painted pink sound like a response to that strong medicine. What were you on anyway!?

11:34 pm

Blogger Y said...

Aw, hon, hope it's getting better now. At least you're not stuck watching Barney.

3:18 am


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