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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rattle My Cage

Not flatmates this time.

Earthquakes. Two big ones in two days. The first was the biggest I've ever felt. The second I guess was aftershock.

Or not.

I don't really know much about earthquakes.

And I don't have a table to get under. Because that's what you're meant to do.

And I don't have earthquake 'supplies'. Because I can't be bothered.

Actually, I don't mind earthquakes. But I'm weird like that!

UPDATE: seems number two wasn't an aftershock but another quake. A few dozen people were slightly injured. Probably had things fall on their heads.


Blogger animemelodies said...

Hi there, I've just finished reading all your blogs (all!) and I'm shocked to be honest. I was thinking about living in Japan, because I love Japan. So I went searching on google for blogs of people who live in Japan. And god, my thoughts of Japan have changed this badly. Is it really bad to live in Japan? Do you have to work that hard to survive?
As for you: why did you decide to go live in Japan?
You've had to suffer so much, I can't imagine you staying in Japan!
xxx reply if you want/have the time to, I'll be checking back.

4:49 am

Blogger animemelodies said...

Oh wait, I've just noticed you have way more archives! Reading time! Good luck on tomorrow.

4:58 am

Blogger Jo said...


suffer? god, no! i'm a restless person by nature and never intended to spend so long in japan.

it's been an amazing, amusing, eye-opening, fascinating experience on so many levels that i couldn't recommend it more.

it's a very easy place to live in. there's always things to do here and japanese students are unbelievably easy to teach.

the experience was great but, like everything, has a sell-by date.

as i found myself getting increasingly irritated by things - laws, people, the way things are done - so my attitude changed.

it took me about three years to start feeling that way!

i adore teaching. but i feel i can now cannot really progress much more if i stay in japan. hence i'm doing the Diploma to improve myself and better my chances of working elsewhere.

i really strongly recommend that you give it a go but i don't know how much employing is going on at the moment. our company has stopped employing for this year.

email me if you want to know anything specific but definitely definitely don't count it out.

p.s. are you really reading five years of archive???!!!

p.p.s i've done that with blogs before ;-)

8:02 pm

Blogger abhi said...

do ot fear quakes!!!!!!!!! oh

9:14 pm

Blogger animemelodies said...

Hi, I've been busy all week so haven't really got the chance to read or reply. But here I am again :P How have you been then lately? There are indeed a lot of things I'd like to know. Are the cities like really really crowded? Are things very expensive? I don't know if I'd earn enough to be able to live there. Can you tell me more about it please? Thanks!

7:39 pm

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12:15 pm

Blogger komputrdaninternet said...

i lived in japan for three years and i was getting used to it:)

3:34 am


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