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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yes I do.

I was explaining to an intermediate level floating (ie not my regular) student about 'a week', 'the week', and that a week meant any seven day period. To illustrate my point I pulled out a random example I thought my student would relate to: "imagine you have tea lessons every Wednesday night" - her response was "I do!" Once I clarified she really did I laughed.

Maybe I understand my students too well, or maybe they are just too predictable. I could just as easily have said: 'imagine you go to your home town every Xmas', or 'imagine you went to Hawaii last summer', or 'your hobbies are sleeping and shopping, aren't they?'. There is a certain homogenity here that really bugs me sometimes.

SPOTTED: a man wearing earmuffs shaped like Mickey Mouse hands. WHYYYYYYY?

P.S. Kawaii alert: my little weather geisha now has a Xmas tree that has suddenly appeared. Isn't it cute?


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