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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh things.

So, Vietnam is kind of all planned. Well, as planned as it's likely to get until I arrive there and I cannot wait. No, really, I can't. If only to get away from the coldness of Tokyo for two weeks. And boy is it ever getting colder here. Although the days are still bright and sunny and midly warm some days.

And I don't know if it's the weather, or being knackered ALL the time, or the constant stream of falling ill, getting better, falling ill again that's been going on the last couple of months (colds, bugs, that kind of thing) or the fact I've had my period for two weeks now - something that has never happened to me before - and something that's been zapping my already totally zapped energy levels and although it hasn't been painful as such, has been rather uncomfortable.

I need a break.

I love what I do, most of the time, but I just need a break. Thankfully, I get 2.5 weeks and have already done so much Vietnam planning that I'll have a pretty relaxing time hopefully. Actually, I have never planned a trip for myself to the extent I've planned Vietnam. The only thing left unplanned are booking the internal flights and trains, which I'll do when I get there.

All my hotel rooms are uber budget. But I've booked private rooms with a bath. A bath. A real bath hopefully. A long bath. Since I became an adult, I've always been a shower person. It's rare I'm in the mood for a bath but this is a case of you always want want you haven't got. And in this case it's a bath that is longer than 2/3 length. One I can stretch my legs out in or even - gasp - lie down in.

The rooms look nice enough, but we'll see. I'm pretty easy to please. Just as long as they are quiet.

There is now one teaching day left until I fly.

At some stage I have to pack as well!

Not a great deal else has been going on. There's been a few parties recently, but I didn't go to all of the ones I should have gone to. I did manage to get my last karaoke of the year in on Sunday night though, so I'm happy about that.


I'm going to keep a written journal when I'm away, and most of the places I'm staying in appear to have free internet access, so I may update as I go. In case I don't though:

happy and peaceful holidays to everyone, and good wishes for a successful and healthy new year!


Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Hope you have lots of fun! My holidays will be in Phoenix, where it's posted to be 80 degrees by the end of this week. After spending last year in a more frigid and snowy climate, I am looking forward to it!

Enjoy all that you can, and happy holidays and new year to you too!

... I seem to have posted this comment on the above link and it looked like it disappeared... sorry if I have posted it twice! I'm new to this blogging thing :)

1:17 am

Blogger Y said...

Happy Holidays to you, too, hon and have a great time in Vietnam! I want to hear allll about it when you get back!

3:59 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't really expecting it to be warm in Vietnam while you're there. I did my trip over Chinese New Year in 1999 .. . and it was freezing in most places.

BUt I loved the country. So have fun!


4:17 am

Blogger machiruda said...

Have fun, girl!
Can't wait to hear your stories about Vietnam, sounds like an amazing place.

Happy holidays, and until in the new year! xm

5:25 am

Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Merry Christmas Jo.

7:35 am

Blogger OMIH said...

Okay just some last minute tips. Firstly, as you know, I think Hanoi is wonderful - but isn't always the easiest starting point so...if it's hard at first then don't give up, get a good night's sleep and try again. It'll work better when you're rested. Don't write it off, if it's too hard at first, the place really grows on you.

Secondly, you'll be fine with all the hotels - the standard of hotels in Vietnam is very good compared to the likes of Thailand and Cambodia.

Thirdly, enjoy the sunshine down south but don't forget that Hanoi and Halong Bay will be pretty cold right now. Once you're an hour south of Hanoi then it's okay but in the North don't expect to wear sandals and flip flops but a wooly hat and thick(ish) jacket should do it.

Oh and don't forget to visit KOTO at 61 Van Mieu (down the side of the Temple of Literature).

Have a great time, hope you love the place as much as I do. And have a great Christmas.

Oh and the rest of the stuff about flus and colds and things really struck a chord - I felt the same.

You'll be find after a long break.

1:51 am


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