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Friday, April 09, 2010


  • Lots of Japanese TV programmes seem to have Japanese people on, speaking in Japanese, with Japanese subtitles. I have no idea why.

  • I've noticed in Japan, and other Asian countries, lots of skin whitening products. I find this very sad.

  • A student the other day told me she'd just got a new job. A part-time one. She explained this was because she'd recently got married and couldn't cope with a full-time job and cooking and cleaning. I asked if she'd liked her job. She sighed and said she had. I asked if her husband helped in the house. She said he didn't know how. Good to know equality is live and kicking.

  • Another student told me she'd joined a marriage bureau. Fair do's. I mean, why not? She told me they were famous. And expensive. She said she'd known about them since she was a kid (like WHAT?). She said she'd had to get a certificate from the local government to prove she was single. She said she had to tell them her salary, height, weight and rank eight colours in order of preference. She's now considering paying them for 12 months to find her a husband. R-I-G-H-T.

  • Out of the mouths of students: 'I have a friend who is a transvestite, but he's okay'.

  • I have a student who looks like Ronnie Corbett. Except for her manicured nails.

  • I have another student who is the spitting image of Charlie Brown. She doesn't have manicured nails.

  • I have a stinking cold that came on suddenly probably due to too much excitement and not enough sleep this week.

  • It's cold. Bloody cold. It's the middle of April nearly and it's still cold. I think we've had three warmish days this year. Last weekend I was meant to go to hanami, the popular Japanese fight to find a spot to put you tarp down and sit on the ground until you bum goes numb, share food and get outrageously drunk festival in celebration of the cherry blossom which you must take lots of photos of - every year - even though it looks the same - every year. Anyway, the combination of having to work in the day (TWO six day weeks in a row!) AND the cold weather, and I just couldn't face it. Oh well. I can look at the photos I've taken every year since I've been here instead ;-)


Blogger Alesa Warcan said...

Japanese shows with Japanese subs: for the hearing impaired?

12:56 am

Blogger Jo said...

who knows!

12:57 am

Blogger David said...

Japan is .... very very strange :-)

6:52 am

Blogger Kate said...

Could also be for regional dialect purposes (I don't know, really... am a Canadian born anglophone).

My Bachan Takata's family was from the Kanto area (Bachan was born in Canada)... the family spoke Tokyo dialect Japanese.

Gichan Takata immigrated to Canada from Kagoshima when he was 16 (adopted by his older sister and her husband), and spoke Kagoshima-ben.

When he and Bachan went back to Kagoshima for visits, she couldn't understand what they were talking about and was very bored on occasion.

3:22 am


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